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Mobile Dental Services and Teledentistry

How Could a Mobile Dentist Help You?

Do you have dental anxiety? Dental phobia is more common than people think. For those who have it, it’s often a significant barrier to actively visiting a dentist and seeking care, even when suffering from pain or substantial problems.

But what if a dentist could come to you instead? You may be thinking, “That’s even more horrifying!” But hear us out: Learn how our mobile dentist and remote teledentistry services could transform your perception of dental treatment and give you the confidence you need to secure better oral health, a happier smile, and a brighter future.

Teledentistry: Remote Online Consultations

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all accustomed to wearing our best pajamas and joining important work meetings online. Now, you can access dentistry remotely too.

Our hands can’t reach through your screen to physically treat your teeth (that really would be terrifying!), but we can host online consultations to discuss the problems and concerns you have and the possible solutions we could offer—all from the comfort, security, and privacy of your own home.

This would allow us to take the first step in building a positive and trusting relationship, giving you a better understanding of the treatment options suitable for you, and instilling the confidence you need to visit our dental office in person to begin your journey.

Mobile Dental Clinic: Your Personal Dental Concierge

For those seeking greater privacy and convenience when it comes to dental care, we also offer a range of mobile dental services, giving you unparalleled access to high-quality dentistry.

Our mobile dentist can visit you at your home or office to carry out both routine and emergency care, from examinations and cleanings to small restorative procedures and other aspects of general and cosmetic dentistry.

This exclusive service is well-suited to patients anxious about the dental office setting or those with a hectic schedule who simply cannot find the time to travel to our clinic. You may still need to visit our clinic for follow-up treatment, but our mobile dentistry services are yet another way in which we can make the experience more convenient and personalized to you.

Dentistry Is a Journey: Take Your First Step

Whether you’re an anxious patient who’s not been to a dentist in years, or a confident one seeking a new high-caliber clinic, we’re here to provide you with an elegant and individualized service like no other. Contact us today to arrange an online or in-person consultation, and lay the first building block for a positive patient-doctor relationship that will last a lifetime.

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